Social Sundays

Social Sundays

Social Sunday are how we give back to our great customers. 
We want to give folks a place to learn and grow, not just buy cool stuff.

Our big MOVE is coming up and July 15th we will be open at 56th St & Bell Rd.

Here is our plan for Social Sundays.....

July 21st :  Shaving Sunday....the fine art of hair removal taught by a licensed Barber, guy and girl both invited to learn why it matters which way you drag a razor across your skin.

July 28th: Sharpening & Snacks Sunday....bring everything with an edge, we will have a mobile sharpener ready to fix those nicks, notches and burrs. We will have beverages and snacks to help you kill some time in the store while you wait, as if looking all around isn't enough fun.

Aug 4th: Almost Grand Opening (we will save the Great Big Grand Opening for cooler temps)  This is a 3 day event starting Fri Aug 2nd. Keep an eye out for more info on which vendors will be on site and the give-aways we are working on.


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