Why Special Orders are fun for us too.

Why Special Orders are fun for us too.

Recently a customer mentioned an upcoming trip to Japan and that they saw that Retro51 just released a Japanese themed pen we hadn't gotten in yet.
That fired up my excitement and honestly there is nothing more fun and yet stressful that placing an order at a customer request.
Will they still want it when it arrives?

Should we get a deposit?

Should the be forced to buy it even if they don't like it in person?

Should we order extras for the store?

Do I want one personally?

OK well that last one is actually kind of funny as we all see the store as our personal collection we get to share and enjoy when items go to live with new friends.

Of course a jewel encrusted pen or knife that cost $100k is vastly different than a $2 ballpoint with a cute design. Or is it? Honestly the core questions remain and it is really just a numbers game.

For us at Penchetta we almost always jump to order in something new, we almost always let the customer decide once it is in their hand to buy or not and we pretty much always order at least 1 extra for the store. Because if it is cool enough that one customer wants it, stands to reason others will also.


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