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Laban Sun Fountain Pen Medium

Laban Sun Fountain Pen Medium

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Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, It calls me on and on across the universe...

Being the only star in the solar system, Sunshine illuminates every corner of the earth. Hold your head high, go with hope, keep advancing, and eventually pass the gloom. Laban's "Sun" is bright dazzling orange.

Write with it as if you have mastered the sun and filled the world with energy, firm and warm.


Creamy ivory white pen cap, assort with the bright orange barrel. Laban Sun is telling a story about faith and compassion. 

Its barrel is an orange acrylic resin with gold-plated trim. The pattern of each Sun pen is different.


The German-made gold-tone nib is made of rhodium and stainless steel and engraved Laban logo and "3952", which is the height of Mount Jade and the symbol of Taiwan, on the nib.


The hand-polished, smooth ivory white grip section has an appropriate size to ensure a comfortable writing experience. 

 Traditional fountain pen converter.

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