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Pilot Justus 95 Black Rhodium Adjustable Fountain Pen

Pilot Justus 95 Black Rhodium Adjustable Fountain Pen

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The Pilot Justus 95 features an innovative adjustable 14k gold nib that allows the user to make the writing point softer ("S", or soft/semi-flex) or more stiff ("H", or hard) simply by turning the tension adjuster at the top of the gripping section. The soft setting will allow for greater line-width variation, versus the hard which will write like a traditional stiff nib.

The Justus 95 fountain pen is available in a black ribbed resin pattern with rhodium-plated accents. The pen comes with an included Pilot CON-70 converter which holds an ample ink supply while uniquely combining the characteristics of a vacuum-filling and push-button converter. It also accepts Pilot/Namiki ink cartridges (one is included).

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