Pilot Sterling Silver Koushi Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Pilot Sterling Silver Koushi Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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The Pilot Sterling fountain pen is handcrafted from genuine sterling silver. Each pen is engraved with an exquisite detailed design, a symbol chosen by Pilot to reflect an important facet of Japanese culture. "Koushi" is a design which depicts a grid-like pattern resembling a door on an old Japanese house.

This fountain pen features a rhodium-plated 18k gold inlaid nib. A CON-40 converter is included with each pen, but they will also accept Pilot proprietary ink cartridges.

The snap cap secures the pen when not in use and although it’s a bit heavy, it will post to make a nicely balanced pen when writing. The overall weight of a pen in the Sterling collection is around 34 grams, making it fairly comparable to the Pilot Metal Falcon. While tarnishing may be a concern given the material of the pen, the included polishing cloth will ensure easy, convenient cleaning of the pen body to keep away blemishes. The design on each pen will not hinder this cleaning either and allows for thorough, complete polishing.

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