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Real Steel Megalodon Revival Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Real Steel Megalodon Revival Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

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The S-Series Megalodon Eclipse had its day fading softly into the sunset, now the Revival is giving back to RSK fans what they always wanted, another Megalodon. The Revival fitted with the standardized Bohler N690 blade which provides fantastic cutting performance while keeping the price within an affordable range.

Carson Huang the designer behind the previous Megalodon’s and also RSK anniversary piece the Harrier, designed the new version with affordability in mind replacing the titanium handle with a stainless steel one while at the same time preserving the Eclipse carbon fiber handle.

The precision machined connection frame lock is still a focal piece of this knife design along with the Persian style blade that gives an aggressive presence. The generously sized flipper tab makes this knife a breeze to open and the large sized pocket curved clip preserving that cool and extremely classy feel. If you were unable to get hands on the limited edition Megalodon Eclipse thew Revival is the perfect replacement for this.

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