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Stipula Iris Rosada Limited Edition Fountain Pen Broad Nib

Stipula Iris Rosada Limited Edition Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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The Iris fountain pen, is unlike any other pen in the market today or in the past. Its take off of the original Iris. This Iris was made with Celluloid all through out the pen. Unlike the first one, which had black caps and end caps. We wanted the Celluloid turned from a solid bar of green and black to flow through the whole pen. Celluloid is still to this day, one of the hardest materials to use in manufacturing with its unstable state. It’s very flammable while in the curing process which last from years to decades.

The filling system consists of an easy-to-use, in-house piston filler, made by Stipula. The cap is small, and upon removing it reveals a fully retractable nib, that is turned into place by placing the cap in the bottom of the pen and twisting.  Unlike other “safety pens” from the past, the Iris is as easy to fill as a standard piston pen and requires no special handling to prevent unintentional ink spills. The clip even rotates through 360° to accommodate the different writing styles that the user may have or develop. The nib is Stipula’s T-Flex titanium nib, is plated with Rhodium to give a sheen to it. This pen has a remarkable feel and balance to it whilst in your hand. It is a balance unlike most pens out there, one of the most balanced pens I have ever held. It is a very comfortable pen to handle.

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