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Visconti Opera Blue Typhoon Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Visconti Opera Blue Typhoon Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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This pen belongs to the popular “Squaring the circle” collection. The Blue Typhoon resin is rich in color.  After extensive testing Visconti finally introduced the new Smartouch Tubular Nib. Its special shape is turned from a capillarity tube made of Chromium 18. The tube precisely wraps around the feed, resulting in a unique shape and allowing the user to fill his pen without the need to dip the entire grip and nib section into ink. This results in a cleaner and more efficient fill and, due to the nibs uniquely positioned air hole and design, the nib will stay wet for longer before drying out.

The Visconti Mosquito ink filling adaptor may only be used together with the Smartouch nib. This interesting device attaches to the end of the pen and is used to fill the pen with ink. The adaptor avoids dipping the nib directly into the ink and at the same time every last drop of ink will be used from the ink bottle.

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