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Laban Abalone Fountain Pen

Laban Abalone Fountain Pen

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Abalone is nature’s treasure. The Laban abalone fountain pen is a pearly luster flow in hand, a gift from the sea. 

Beautiful shimmers in a rainbow of swirling iridescent colors, and the natural spiral vortex of the shells is very pure and elegant. 


The material shell is from natural abalone from New Zealand. 

It was meticulously en-robed in fine sheets of authentic abalone shell, showing delicate craftsmanship. 

The iridescent natural swirls attract people to indulge in appreciation. 

Abalone pens are slightly heavier than acrylic pens, which sets off the prudence and quietness of writing.


Accented in highly polished chrome and adorned with a silver plating on the spring-loaded clip and trim.

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